Weight loss program - 5 consultations

Weight loss program - 5 consultations


Addressing possible underlying root causes of excess weight gain such as digestive problems, food sensitivities, blood sugar dysregulation, fatty acid deficiency, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, dehydration and mineral imbalances, stress and toxic overload. Nutritional recommendations to give your body what it needs to speed up metabolism and burn fat.

This includes 90 minute initial consultation, 1 sixty minute and 3 thirty minute follow-up consultations and $50.00 OFF.

  • initial intake and health history overview

  • diet evaluation

  • nutritional assessment report based on signs and symptoms analysis

  • customized nutritional program

  • therapeutic/healing protocol recommendation

  • nutritional education and resources

  • follow-up sessions

  • emails and/or phone calls in between sessions

*test fees not included


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